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esco is Europe's leading salt supplier and produces over 6 million tons of salt per year. When it comes to "competence in salt matters", they are the number one address.

esco has the right conditions for this: deposits and stocks of high-quality salt, modern production plants, conveniently located sites and warehouses, as well as a comprehensive network of business partners. But most of all, it has a motivated and efficient team that offers its entire skills and knowledge to both, salt and customer.

esco tablet salt

esco salt tablets for water softening purposes have been developed particularly for application in small- and medium-sized water softening installations, e.g. in private homes, hotels and restaurants, medical practices, industries, etc.

Made of high-purity vacuum salt, esco salt tablets dissolve completely and are absolutely residue-free. They help to regenerate the ion exchange material and to prevent it from furring up (calcification), keeping up the unit's operation while keeping its energy consumption low.

Product Information:

AXAL® for private individuals






AXAL PRO for professionals, industries, specialized distributors, etc.



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