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    Kilkenny Junior Beer Chiller Cooler

Kilkenny Junior Beer Cooler

The Junior Beer Cooling System is the latest addition to the range. It is designed to cater for small to medium sized bars and restaurants.

Operating Principles

The draught product is cooled to 8°C in the refrigerated beer room. It is then pumped under pressure to the beer cooler. In the beer cooler, each draught product travels through an individual product coil immersed in ice water. The length of each product coil determines the temperature of the product at the tap. This system has been proven to dramatically improve product quality and reduce spoils.

Advantages of the Kilkenny Junior System:
  • Brewery Approved and RECI Compliant
  • Unrivalled Storage Capacity - The keg room accommodates up to 22 barrels with additional storage space for other bottled products
  • Designed for peak demand - The system will perform at optimum level during exceptionally bus periods
  • Alarm System - Separate temperature control alarms are fitted to the beer cooler and keg room
  • Ten Product Lines - Provision for up to ten taps without the need to invest in additional cooling equipment
  • Ergonomically Designed - There is sufficient vertical height in the keg room to minimise the risk of back injury when moving

Draught Beer Cooler
  • Compact and robust
  • 50kg ice bank capacity
  • Manufactured from 18.8 / 304 food quality stainless steel
  • Can achieve dispense temperatures as low as 2.5°C without double cooling
  • Audible alarm/water bath temperature display fitted in bar area
  • Dispense tap cooling available as standard

  • Length 650mm
  • Width 570mm
  • Height 860mm (inc. pumps)

Keg Room
  • Compact in design measuring 2m x 2m x 2.08m high
  • 80mm wall thickness
  • Fob boards and bumper rails fitted as standard
  • Maintains product at a constant 8°C
  • Door is fully sealed and fitted with a lockable handle

    Kilkenny cold room keg room

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