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Ice Storage Bins
Icematic Hole Ice Cube Makers
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Icematic Ice Storage Bins
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Icematic Ice Storage Bins



Icematic Ice Machines

For over 40 years, Castel Mac has been researching, manufacturing and selling ice machines under the trademark Icematic.

Castel MAC has a deep knowledge of refrigeration techniques, which along with its devotion to quality, allows to obtain a perfect production process.
The products, result of thorough research and accurate design, undergo frequent lab tests and are carefully installed, because their goal is to prevent defects, aware as they are that customers want reliable, user-friendly machines.
Products are checked and tested under particulary demanding conditions, in order to ensure the respect of Total Quality standards.
The ISO 9001 - VISION 2000 certification is the evidence of Castel MAC devotion to quality, along with all other certifications obtained by several international organizations.

For these reasons, ADGER is proud to be supplying Icematic ice machines for over ten years, which are manufactured and developed by a company with equivalent goals.

Since 1962 Icematic means ice.
More than 40 years of history result in great experience and achievements in engineering, designing and producing the Icematic ice-makers, which are now well known for their performances, reliability and easy installation system.
The full range of Icematic ice makers, conceived to fulfil our customers’ needs at best, includes:

Hole Ice Cube Makers

• Hole ice cube machines:
Machines with built-in storage bin, daily production from 23 to 140 kgs.
Our paddle system ensures perfect functioning even with very calcarous water.



Modular Ice Makers With Vertical Evaporator

• Modular ice makers with vertical evaporator:
Machines with high production capacity (140 to 500 kg per day)
Perfect for those who need big quantities of ice



Flake Ice Makers

• Flake ice makers:
High production (85 to 1.000 kg per day) of flake ice.
Perfect for displaying end preserving fresh food (fish, vegetables, etc.) and for several industrial applications.



Storage Bins

• Storage bins:
Perfectly insulated and specially designed to fit the high production ice-makers (modular and flake ice machines).



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