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Anets Fryer LogoIn 1937, Anetsberger Brothers entered the foodservice equipment industry with the introduction of its first thermostatically controlled counter fryer.

Since then, ANETS has developed numerous other product firsts, including automatic lifts on gas fryers, automated production tables, pyrolytic self-cleaning char-broilers, dough rollers with built-in dough dockers, and many more.

Every new product innovation has reinforced what has become ANETS' longstanding reputation for quality and reliability. And that’s why today, at Anetsberger Brothers, they can still say they’re proud to offer your best value in foodservice equipment. ADGER has been supplying ANETS products for over 10 Years

The Dependable Anets GoldenFRY™ Series of Fryers.

Fast Recovery. Sure-Fire Quality.

When great food and on-the-ball service are your top draws, you have to have an ANETS GoldenFRY™ Fryer in your kitchen lineup. Every durable model is built to conserve shortening and perform at optimum energy-efficiency, so you save more money day after day, year after year. Plus, the simple, straightforward design minimizes cleanup and reduces maintenance expenses.

GoldenFRY Gas Fryers.

ANETS-GoldenFry.pdf 437.90 Kb Click here for GoldenFry Fryers & Filtration Units brochure

Anets 14GSU Gas Fryer

anets-14gsu fryer


14GS-SpecSheet.pdf 2.05 Mb Click here for brochure

14GS-Manual.pdf 197.35 Kb Click here for manual

14GS-PartsList.pdf 719.41 Kb Click here for parts list



GoldenFRY Electric Fryers

Anets 14EL17 Electric Fryer

Anets 14el17 Electric Fryer


14el17-SpecSheet.pdf 164.17 Kb Click here for brochure

14el17-Manual.pdf 197.35 Kb Click here for manual

14el17-PartsList.pdf 369.74 Kb Click here for parts list




Silverline Gas Fryers

Anets SLG40 Gas Fryer

anets-SLG40 Gas Fryer


SLG40-SpecSheet.pdf 208.31 Kb Click here for brochure

SLG40-Manual.pdf 574.90 Kb Click here for manual

SLG40-PartsList.pdf 363.98 Kb Click here for parts list









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