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    Kilkenny Standard and Dual Multiflex Beer Chiller Cooler

Kilkenny Standard & Dual Beer Coolers

These two coolers are the second largest in the range. The Standard is for outlets with a refrigerated keg room; and, the Dual is for outlets without a refrigerated keg room (this model is equipped with two evaporator coils and two refrigeration units).



They are available in the following capacities:
Standard with 2-12 Lines
Standard with 12-24 Lines
Standard with 24-36 Lines
Standard with 36-48 Lines
Dual with 2-12 Lines
Dual with 12-24 Lines
Dual with 24-36 Lines
Dual with 36-48 Lines

  • Brewery approved
  • Achieves dispense temperatures as low as 2°C
  • Single or dual refrigeration circuits
  • Facility for dispense tap cooling
  • Removable cassette holder allows product coils to be exchanged with ease

  • Manufactured from high quality materials and components to guarantee long term reliability
  • Fitted with a stand-by water pump

Special Features * Combi Pump (Pat. No. 200390236) is exclusive to Kilkenny Cooling Systems Ltd.
* The Water distribution manifold incorporates a facility for dispense tap cooling
* A 'flip-flop' module is fitted in the control panel allowing each pump to alternate cooling duty. This prevents the stand-by pump ceasing due to inactivity.
Control Panel * Built to IP65 electrical specification
* Fitted with Residual Current Device (R.C.D.)
* Mini Circuit Breakers (M.C.B.s) and Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (E.L.C.B.s) are fitted for each electrical component
* Thermometer
* Ice thermostat with differential
* Display shows temperature status and has an in-built alarm system
Water Bath * 304 grade stainless steel water bath
* Completely sealed to prevent the ingress of moisture or beer
* Insulated with 40mm of polyurethane foam providing structural stability
Copper Evaporator * Refrigeration quality copper is suitable for R404a and R134a refrigerants
* The evaporator is filled with a holding charge of dry nitrogen
Alarm System * Bar mounted alarm unit displays water bath temperature and incorporates an audible warning system
Combi Pump (Pat. No. 2003902236) * Exclusive to Kilkenny Draught Beer Chillers, the Combi Pump incorporates water jet agitation
* Centrally mounted to ensure the most effective mixing of the water bath
* 2 year no quibble guarantee
Product Coils * AISI 316 stainless steel
* 9.5mm O.D., 0.6mm wall thickness
* No welded joints
* All product coils are clearly marked and colour coded.

Multiflex Dimensions (mm)
Model Length Width Height (inc. motors)
12 track 810 650 980
16 track 1065 650 980
20 track 1065 650 980
24 track 1065 650 980
28 track 1305 650 980
32 track 1305 650 980
36 track 1305 650 980
40 track 1495 650 980
44 track 1495 650 980
48 track 1495 650 980

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